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Water Meter Services

We have been assisting our clients in setting up their water service in Alanya for many years. Institutions in Alanya have brought so many new innovations to its sector. It is also the first national water meter manufacturer of Turkey. The connecting of water and electricity in Alanya happens quite fast, usually around 1-2 days. In Alanya, it is customary to pay a deposit when connecting water and electricity.

The water consumption is calculated based on the average consumption in a similar place for a period of three months. This means, buying an apartment in a residence where the average power consumption is 100 Turkish Lira per month in a similar apartment – you will pay, in addition to the actual connecting costs, 300 Turkish Lira deposit. If you sell the apartment or move out, this deposit will be offset in the final bill.

Unlike some other countries, the billing of water and electricity in Turkey isn’t processed according to a preliminary calculation of your consumption – where you pay a monthly lump sum and a final statement is made after a year – but via monthly payment (or every 2 months, depending on the area where your property is located) based on your actual consumption. With our company, we will ensure that you choose the best service.

Domestic water supply

To get connected, customers must go to the municipality’s water office in person to transfer an account into their name. We will accompany you and deal with any translation or further services need. Call us to find out which documents will be required, and to find out the time frame in which this procedure will be completed.

Water is supplied by the local municipalities in Alanya. For example, ASAT (Antalya Water and Sewage System Directorate) is entitled to the new water subscriptions and other related works in Alanya.

With more than 15 years of innovation and strong, stable growth, smart meter offers clever solutions for a wide range of our customer applications through a global network of manufacturing facilities, innovation centres, sales offices, and warehouses to optimize, use and minimize waste of one of the world’s most precious resources. Contact us today and let us help you get connected to your new water supplier here in Alanya.