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Vehicle Insurance

A vehicle registered in Turkey must have insurance from the day it is registered, until the day it is officially de-registered or removed from the country. This will include insurance for periods when it was not in use (off the road), or parked on private land. The minimum insurance requirement is insurance that covers risk to third parties (people, cars, and property). Get all the insurance coverage that you will ever require for your vehicle in a single policy, together with superior advantages.

What is covered?

Minimum third party liability insurance is required for all vehicles in Turkey, proof of this insurance must be carried at all times. This insurance is called Compulsory Traffic Insurance and covers the cost of damage of the other vehicle in the event of a road traffic accident. Vehicles without this insurance may not be driven on the roads. Vehicle insurance covers the owner of the car; any additional drivers must be named on the insurance policy and an additional fees may apply.

Turkish car insurance operates a system of no-claims bonuses, or bonus-malus system. Within this system, annual insurance rates may increase if a claim is made when an accident was the driver’s fault; if the driver has no accidents the rates will decrease. Discount rates vary depending on the insurance companies; in general, they range from 30% to 60 %.
The claim discount applies to the driver, not the vehicle- if the driver changes their vehicle, the discount still applies.

Foreign drivers may be able to transfer their no-claims bonus acquired in another country to a Turkish insurance policy. They will need to obtain a certificate from their insurance company stating the amount of no-claims bonus they have.

Having an Accident, was not Your Fault

Generally, you will have two choices. You may claim directly from the insurance company of the driver whose fault it was, or you may claim against your own insurance company. If you claim against the other driver, he will refer the claim to his insurance company who will then proceed with it in the same manner as they would if you were making a claim against your own insurance company. This claim will be subject to them having adequate insurance cover.