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Health Insurance

As you are on our site reading about health insurance, you are most likely interested in health insurance for your Residence Permit application. We work alongside an insurance provider to ensure a fast and reliable service, which is second to none. Health insurance is not as expensive as it may sound. Rates start from as low as 200 TL, depending on your age, health conditions and a number of other factors.

In Turkey it is now mandatory to have health insurance as a part of your Residence Permit application since April 2014. You will not be able to complete the application form without it. But do not panic, we are here to take care of everything including all the paper work, translations and notarizations. We are your one stop office for all your needs here in Turkey.

In our Alanya office, we are able to process all of your documents on the same day (usually within 40-60 mins of receiving your paperwork in person). This is always a great help to anyone applying last minute for their Residence Permit, as is often the case. Alternative to this is applying by registered mail, but this is of course subject to lengthy delivery times.

What is covered?

Once the application process is completed, you are able to contact the insurance company with any questions you have regarding their contracted hospitals, the degree any specific ailments are included, as well as any general questions regarding discounts or payments. You may be interested in more comprehensive health insurance packages, which are available, but come at significantly higher rates (prices can start from 2000TL instead of 200TL). With a comprehensive package, some exclusions for pre-existing conditions in the first year of coverage apply.

Whichever type of insurance you choose; you should always do proper research and ensure you are satisfied with their level of coverage. Unfortunately, Turkey does not have the best public health care system, therefore it to invest in extra coverage for your peace of mind, should any accident occur.

Once you obtained your Residence Permit, it is not permitted to cancel a private health insurance policy that has been provided as part of your Residence Permit application. Any policy cancellation for whatever reason must be notified to the Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Immigration immediately. Therefore for all of your health insurance or Residence Permit needs, don’t delay and call us today!