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Turkish family resident permit Alanya

Turkish family residence permits applications in Alanya cannot be made outside of Turkey at this time. To be able to apply for a Turkish visa in Alanya, all dependents need to be in the country with their original passports; no other entry documents are accepted. Turkish Family residence permits in Alanya are issued for no longer than 3 years at a time and cannot exceed the duration the primary residents permit.

All applications must be made before the expiry date of the current visa. Failure to do so will result in your application being cancelled, as well as request to leave the country and re-enter at a later date with a new passport entry stamp. The application process will then have to be started all over. Applicants passports must be a minimum two months before their expiry date before the applied end date of the residency permit.

We advise you to call our office or stop in for a chat, bringing to learn about Turkish family residence permits applications in Alanya with your apostilled marriage certificate for your spouse/children with you. We will then help you to get these documents translated and notarized. We can deal with this process on the same day you visit us, it won’t take long at all as we are familiar with the notary office and the people who work there. We will then take your biometric photos and attach them to the top of your documents in a folder supplied by us

You will be required to add your spouse’s mother’s and father’s names to the Turkish visa application form. We will handle the family’s residence permit application process for our family visa office in Alanya on your behalf. Therefore, all of the required documents must be submitted to us before your visa expiration date. Applicants should not leave Turkey until their applications have been evaluated. Again, for this reason their applications could be cancelled automatically. In the event of this happening you will have to re-enter Turkey with a new visa or passport entry stamp to start the process again.

Our employees are trained professionals with over 20 years combined experience in Turkish family resident permit in Alanya. They will always do their utmost and will treat each case differently depending on your needs.

We hope your positive experience in Alanya is part of the reason you have chosen to remain here longer. Some of us at Alanya Turkish family visa offices are born and raised here, which is why we know the system so well. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for any of your residency permit needs.