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Electric Services

Apart from Turkish low technical know-how, the market is troubled by budgetary constraints and issues of standardisation and security. To stay competitive in such an environment, meter manufacturers need to collaborate with regulatory authorities as well as perform continuous R&D to ensure interoperability of meters.

At every stage of support processes by providing necessary resources, to respond to customer and product needs in the best way by reflecting innovation to improvements in the market, to apply a business model that keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level by offering after sales services, to create and maintain a trust-based business association with our suppliers and sub-contractors by handling effectively customer feedbacks,

Smart Meter Services

To improve the performance of the processes and the effectiveness of the quality management system with the participation of our staff, to produce energy meter comply with the requirements of TS EN/ISO 9001:2015 and the other national and international current standards also we provide all types of meters, single phase and 3 phase meter measure your electric include the active power and reactive power consumption.

The smart meter measures the amount of power generated or consumed by the circuits where electric energy is generated or consumed. Electricity meters are available in versions which can be used in both direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) circuits.

They also provide electric bill payment so you can pay all your electric bills easily because our aim is to provide for our customers the best and professional service in Alanya and we always will provide a fast and reliable service for our customers to insure that they are satisfied with our service. Call us today and we will let you know what documents you need to bring into our office so that we can help you get connected to your new electric supplier as quick as possible.